This bow is snakewood with an original silver ring between the stick and button. The stick is octagonal and fluted, the flutes extending to all surfaces of the head, handhold and button. The iron screw mounting is original and in good order. The frog shown is based on Tononi originals and was prepared during restoration.

Included is an old, damaged and unoriginal pernambuco frog which was present before the restoration. The stick is in very good condition for its age, there is some rounding of the head and handhold due to usage but it plays very well and has no major repairs.The bow is by the same maker as the one depicted on page 129 of “Les Violons – Venetian Instruments… Paris, 1995.

The bow is sold with a copy of the original screw and button to facilitate usage without wear to the original fittings. More details available on request. Length: 697mm; weight: 50gms.

Price: SOLD