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Conservation & Restoration

Services available to public institutions, private collectors of musical instruments, performers, teachers, musicologists & researchers:

Conservation & restoration of plucked and bowed strings, keyboards before 1830, historical woodwind and selected non-european instruments.

Ian Watchorn specialises particularly in lute, guitar, mandolin, violin family, viola d'amore, baryton, arpeggione, viola da gamba and bows of the 16th - 19th centuries.

Email Ian at Ian@IanWatchorn.com.au for further information.

Please follow the links below for sample restoration reports.
Guitar by LouisPanormo 1833
Dutch or Flemish Violin 1700-1740
Early 18th Century Violoncello Piccolo
Mid-17th Century English Bass Viol
Guitar by Gennaro Fabricatore, 1823
Guitar D'Amore, Thomasz Zach 1850-1856
Guitar by Louis Panormo Ca. 1828
Guitar by Louis Panormo Experimental 1833
Guitar - Lagnani model Terz -by Letz
Violin by Matthias Hornsteiner-current restoration
Legnani style Guitar Attrib: C.F. Goram, Markneukirchen, ca. 1840

Label inside Guitar by
D & A Roudholff,
London, c.1840

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