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New Instruments
New - Violin Family and Other Bowed Instruments

Violin, Viola, Viola d'Amore, Piccolo Cello, Cello, Baryton, Violone, etc.
Instruments are based on originals by Stainer, Amati, Tecchler, Gofriller, Schelle, Widhalm, Walmsley, Barak Norman, Forster, Groblicz, Stadtler, Thir, A.F. Mayr, etc. and are built to specification according to the required repertoire (early baroque, high baroque, classical, early romantic), and regional variations (London, Paris, Vienna, Bohemia, Italy). Particular instruments can be copied on request.

There is a large range of materials, designs and decoration, which is discussed when ordering. Detailed drawings are prepared for approval before work commences.

Prices See pricelists.

Violin in Classical Set-Up after Jacob Stainer, Absam, 1670.


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