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Violas da Gamba

Sizes and Styles
Instruments can be built in all historical styles: Italian, French, English, North & South German, Polish etc. All are accurate copies after Collichon, Cheron, Bertrand, Rose, Jaye, Barak Norman, Stainer, Hoffmann, Schelle, Widhalm, Karpp, Khögl, Regensburger, etc., or a generic instrument based on the above as required.

English, French and some North German instruments are supplied with bent tops as standard, and are decorated in the appropriate style according to your requirements. Drawings are prepared for approval (if needed) on confirmation of the order.

Prices See pricelists.

7-String Bass Viol after Cheron/Collichon






An instrument which uses the body size, outline and stringlength of a small 7-string bass viol by Cheron (Brussels MIM) and combines it with the constructional techniques of Collichon, including the multi-piece bent soundboard, parchment and linen lining, integral neck and block construction etc.

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Treble (dessus) Viol by Ian Watchorn 2001


5-piece bent top of baltic pine, back & sides of cherry, neck & head of pearwood, ebony veneered fittings. Carved head by Lucy Turner, Sydney, a special commission for this instrument, it is based on the portrait of Elisabeth de la Guerre, the French composer

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Lirone for Laura Vaughan
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