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New Instruments
New - Lutes & Theorbos
Instruments can be built with minimal decoration, or decorated as appropriate to the prevailing styles of the different periods & makers. There is a large range of makers, materials, designs decoration and stringing, all of which is discussed when ordering. Detailed drawings are prepared for approval before work commences.

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5, 6, 7 & 9 Course Lutes
  15th - 16th century, after Frei, Gerle, Graill, Hartung, Hieber, Maler, Stegher, Tieffenbrucker, Wenere, etc, as well as iconographical reconstructions as required in the following sizes:
Treble/alto; a"/g" lute; tenor; Bass; Great Bass.

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10 - 13 Course Lutes
  17th - 18th century, after Edlinger, Frei, Gedler, Hoffmann, Maler, Tieffenbrucker, Koch, Sellas Schelle, Tielke, Wenere, Weigert, Widhalm, etc.

13 Course Lute by Ian Watchorn after Joachim Tielke, Hamburg,


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11 - 14 Course Theorbos
  Double, single or mixed stringing; 17th - 18th century, after Alban, Buchenberg, Edlinger, Frei, Gedler, Graill, Hoffmann, Koch, Maler, Railich, Schelle, Sellas, Tieffenbrucker, Tielke VVenere, Widhalm, etc
Liuto Attiorbato: (55 - 58 cm playing stringlength)
Archlute: (61 - 65 cm playing stringlength)
German Theorbo: (13 - 14 course in D-minor tuning)
French (solo) theorbo: (69 - 76 cm playing stringlength)
Fully fitted hardshell case.
Large Continuo Theorbo: (82 - 88 cm playing stringlength)
Angelique after Joachim Tielke

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