In the style of Bernhard Enzensperger ,

Vienna, ca. 1835


Those who have read this page before will notice a change in attribution. My thanks to Dr. Brigitte Zaczek of Vienna for information regarding this guitar, which suggests it closely resembles the Enzensperger's 1832 patented Akustik-Gitarre. The unusual body type is known as “Wappengitarre” and is only the second Terz I have had through the workshop with this body form.

This guitar is a very well made, full Legnani model instrument with single sided machine and adjustable neck. It is original in every respect except for the fretboard, which was unoriginal and was replaced during restoration, reconstructing the original 24-fret fingerboard. The stringlength is 577 mm. The case is also a period style reconstruction built for the instrument.

The sound is brilliant and loud with a large dynamic range, being tuned a third higher at g’ and the guitar plays very well throughout its full compass.

Price: SOLD