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New - Early Guitars
Faithful copies of 4, 5 and 6-course, 6-string and extended range (7 - 13-string) guitars of the most recognised 19th century makers.
Sellas, Choc, Railich, Hieber, and the 17th century Venetian school
Alexandre & Jean Voboam, Paris, 1660 - 1720
Joseph Benedid, Josef and Juan Pagés, Cadiz, 1780 - 1830
Louis Panormo, London, 1819 - 1845
Ian Watchrnés, 2018, ca. 1825 Joseph Panormo.
René François Lacôte, Paris, 1820 -1860
Johann Georg Stauffer, Vienna, 1815 - 1840
The Fabricatore Family, Naples, 1770 - 1845
Carlo & Gaetano Guadagnini, Turin, 1800 - 1840
Anton Swozil, Vienna, 1840 - 1890
Johann Gottfried Scherzer, Josef Swosil, Vienna 1840 - 1880
after François Lacôte, Paris, 1830.

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21st Century Guitar by Ian Watchorn, 2001






Heavily arched European spruce belly with modified lattice bracing. Back & sides of flamed Tasmanian Blackwood. Neck and head of pearwood with carbon fibre reinforcement, compensated nut & saddle. Clock-key adjustable neck to permit instant action adjustment without altering tuning.

Stringlength: 630mm, 24 fret neck, floating, arched ebony fingerboard and bridge.


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This model is also available with interchangeable necks at 630 & 650mm, maple, Indian or Brazilian rosewood back & sides, cutaway upper bout and floating tailpiece steel-string set up as options.

The aim of this newly designed guitar is to give the modern guitarist the flexibility to adjust the guitar to suit the repertoire he needs to play, from the early 19th century virtuosi to the most modern classical and jazz compositions.

Action adjustment can be made between pieces, and changing necks is as easy as changing your strings. The tone is strong and flexible with excellent projection for the modern concert hall, while also offering an exceptional dynamic range that enhances intimate performance and recording. The double compensation at the nut & saddle ensures maximum "in-tuneness" over the full range of the guitar.

The instrument can also be disassembled for air travel, packing into a case small enough to carry on as cabin baggage on most airlines.

Baroque Guitar by Ian Watchorn, 2002, after Rene Voboam, Paris, ca.1650.

Back & sides of ebony with boxwood stringing and fleur-de-lis motifs, pine belly with boxwood and ebony half-chevron edging, rose of multi-layered, punched parchment, ebony and boxwood veneered neck and head, 10 tied frets and 2 ebony body frets, Stringlength: 695mm.

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Guitar by Ian Watchorn, 2002, after Johann Georg Stauffer, Legnani Model, ca. 1825.

Back, sides, neck and head of maple, pine belly with multiple purfling and ladder bracing, ebony pin-style bridge with foliage moustachios. Black varnished raised and detachable neck with a curved ebony fingerboard carrying 22 frets. Rodgers Stauffer-style machines, clock-key adjustable neck. This is an exact copy of the earliest style of Stauffer�s famous Legnani model guitar. Stringlength: 607mm.

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Vihuela in A
Flamenco Blanca Guitar by Marcelo Barbero
Guitar D'amore Zach
5 Course Guitar after Choc
Legnani Model Guitar after Johann Anton Stauffer
Guitar after Augustin Granada 1820
GUITAR by Ian Watchrn 2018 after Joseph Panormo, ca. 1825 "SOR MODEL"
GUITAR by Ian Watchrn 2018 ca. 1825 'SOR MODEL'




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