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Baroque Violin and Gamba Bows
Baroque Bows for Violin Family, Viola da Gamba & Related Instuments


The baroque bows have the following characteristics:

Snakewood, ironwood, blackwood or ebony stick & fittings, clip-in or screw frog, hand-cut screw and eyelet in iron, round, angled or fluted stick. Bone or mammoth ivory fittings are available at an extra charge, and must be requested especially. There are many models, all based on surviving originals and/or iconography. Please write for more details, stating your needs and preferences.

The Viola Da Gamba bows are longer - 78 - 85 cm, and modelled on French, English and German originals and iconography.

Clip-in bows

screw-mounted bows

Classical Bows for Violin Family and Other Instruments


The classical bows have the following characteristics:

Pernambuco, satine, plumwood or ironwood stick, bone, mammoth ivory or ebony fittings, hand-cut screw and eyelet in iron, coloured thread lappings, faceplates & ferrules according to style - English, French, German, Italian.

Most other sizes and styles of bows are available; prices by consultation and quote.

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Classical bows-

English & French




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