Violoncello by Walmsley, London, ca. 1750

An interesting and well preserved cello, unlabelled, attributed to Peter Walmsley, London, ca. 1750.

From all the hallmarks, both external and internal, the attribution is accurate and it is a very fine example of this makerÕs work. This cello is built on the Stainer model. The belly is of 2 book matched pieces of very fine-grained pine and is in very good condition. There are no cracks related with either soundpost or bassbar.

The back of book matched, highly figured maple of almost horizontal figure, is in very good condition with no major cracks, the sides are of similar but lighter figure, with the lower bout ribs being joined at the tail block. As is frequently the case with WalmsleyÕs work, the cello has very well executed painted purfling and a very fine and well preserved golden brown varnish, on a dark golden ground.

The original neck is lightly figured and beautifully executed. It has been slightly raised at the heel and lengthened to modern specification. The original screw hole for attaching the neck, common to many 18th and 19th century English cellos, has been filled at some point with maple. The neck is in good condition and can easily be returned to its original position for baroque and classical playing.

The very decorative pegs are boxwood with ivory finials at both ends and are most likely original to the instrument. The tailpiece is also English and 18th century, though probably not original to the instrument.

The instrument is currently in modern condition, but could easily be converted to baroque/classical condition. As a modern instrument, the tone is very strong, robust and clear and it will also respond very well to being restored for gut-string playing.

Sale Price: SOLD

Cost of restoration to baroque condition: $ 5000.00

Price includes a Bobelock case valued at $AUD 720.00



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Body Profiles:    Walmsley                                                                                                      Jakob Stainer