A guitar by John Haynes & Co, Boston, made around 1890 – 95, in an original coffin case. This is a Tilton-Patent guitar, No. 2 model. The soundboard is of sitka spruce, X-braced, the grain normally oriented. It is able to be strung either with gut/nylon or extra-light steel strings.  The back and sides are of very fine, ¼-sawn Brasilan rosewood and the neck is of Cuban cedar. The wood purflings are multi-coloured with maple stringing. The description and engraving from the 1895 Haynes catalogue shows the same instrument and detailing, including the tailpiece, designed to take ball-end strings.

The condition is very good for its age, with two cracks in the lower bout of the belly and one beside the treble side of the fingerboard (see photos). The back and sides are intact, though with some marking and the varnish is completely original. The guitar has been fully restored in my workshop and in excellent playing condition. The tone is strong and flexible both with gut and steel strings and the neck is quite stable. All parts, including the fretboard, frets, machines, tailpiece and soundhole disc are original and in excellent condition. The case has its original lining, handle and clasps.

The workmanship of the Haynes Tilton models is every bit as good as Martins of the same period and the side-lining strips have so far prevented any cracking (see photos). The back is also without cracks.

PRICE: $AUS 2500.00

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