A very interesting and rare example of Edward Panormo's work. A Panormo in every detail, following the standard model of the Louis workshop in the 1840's, but executed by another hand. A very well built and, perhaps more refined interpretation of the standard Panormo model.

The back and sides are rosewood, neck mounted with the Spanish heel, medium grained pine belly with fan strutting, maple head with Baker machines and a very well preserved and interesting label.

Another interesting detail is the presence of 2 stamps, applied after varnishing, with the word "PRATTEN", carefully placed either side of the splice on the back of the head. This would seem to indicate a relationship with Mme Pratten, the famous performer and teacher.

The guitar has its original case and is sold as-is and unrestored. The condition is more or less playable but in need of restoration to function perfectly. Tone is excellent - one of the best Panormo's I have had. The photos indicate most of the work needed, but there are old, now unstable repairs, which will require the removal of the back and stabilisation of cracks in the belly, back and sides. Restoration costs are estimated at around $AUS 2550.00 and I would expect the guitar to respond very well to restoration.

A fully detailed restoration quote is available on request, as are any further details or photos you might like to see.

Price: SOLD