Legnani Model Guitar after Johann Anton Stauffer, Vienna, ca. 1840


This guitar is a close copy of an instrument formerly in my collection, by Johann Anton Stauffer.

It s a full Legnani model guitar with an adjustable neck and can be supplied either with the “PegHed” planetary action tuners or with a single sided machine tuner in the style of Stauffer.

The stringlength can be either 607mm, 629mm or 640mm. All three were used by the Stauffers on their instruments. By far the most common is the shorter 607mm stringlength, which facilitates the technique required for Legnani and Mertz, whilst still giving a very strong and typical Viennese sound.

The back and sides are maple, the belly of pine with an ebony fretboard and 22 – 24 nickel silver frets.



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