Made By Ian Watchorn, Melbourne, 1990.


13 course baroque German theorbo. Stringlength: 708mm.

The back is of quarter sawn cherry wood, lightly flamed and with ebony spacers etween the ribs. The neck is similarly veneered and the maple carved theorbo head is black stained and polished.

The belly is of fine grained pine and the pegs are black stained cherry wood. Fingerboard is of ebony.

The design follows closely the instrument of 1744 in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg and is an excellent instrument for both solo and ensemble playing in d minor tuning. These instruments have a strong and penetrating sound and can be either double or single strung. This is the model for which Schelle was famous in his day, as mentioned in Baron's book, "Untersuchung der Laute" of 1727.


Price: $AUS 5,000.00 - includes fitted case.