A guitar built very much in the style of an 1840's Louis Panormo. Brasilian rosewood back & sides, fingerboard. Original silver bar frets, Spanish heel construction. Hanbury’s label indicates he worked 20 years with Panormo and there are those who think he may have been Panormo's worhshop foreman for some time.

The only substantial difference between Panormo & Hanbury is the use of mahogany instead of maple for the head and the French splice to the neck instead of the full-width Panormo splice. Having studied quite a number of 1840's Panormos over the years, the hand of Thomas Hanbury is clearly to be seen in many of them.

The guitar is in excellent playing condition. The neck is very stable and true. Sound is strong and mellow – well comparable with Panormo’s work of this period.








Photos during restoration show work to front, back & sides. All work carried out by Ian Watchorn in 2002.






Detail of Hanbury machines (silver-plated brass with mother of pearl buttons) the head is a copy of the original, which had been damaged. It was replaced during the restoration.