Guitar by A. Guiot, London, ca. 1830


This is an interesting English style guitar built by the elder member of the Guiot family, A. Guiot, in London around 1830. It is clearly based on the Panormo design with rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck and head, English style tuners. The belly is fan barred wirh 7 bars and has a Panormo style bridge.

The pearl and ebony decoration is in the style of Louis Pons, who built a decorative Panormo-style guitar in the 1820Ős. The instrument has been fully restored in my workshop and is now in excellent paying condition. The tone is very good across the range and the action and neck are in perfect condition.

For Sale –$AUD 6000.00



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Back before restoration

guiot Scialom 002.jpg  guiot Scialom 006.jpg

Barring of Guiot (right) compared with Panormo, 1831, (left)