GUITAR BY LOUIS PANORMO, London 1831; Serial Number 1973


This very well preserved example of Louis Panormo’s top model rosewood guitar, dates from 1831.

It has an excellent label, original and unaltered fan barring, the original silver bar frets, a well radiused fretboard and beautifully figured Brasilian rosewood in the back and sides. The belly is a single piece of very even pine. The bridge and soundhole carry the typical pearl inlay work that Panormo is known for.

The bridge is all original and shows almost no signs of wear. The instrument was opened for the first time in my workshop. The top quality pearl-mounted Rance tuners are in excellent condition. They had also never previously been removed. The tuners have been cleaned and lubricated and one ivory barrel replaced with an original period barrel from another set of English tuners. All varnish is original and in very good condition.

The sound is excellent – strong, clear and robust, with good balance and definition on all strings.

5 minor cracks were repaired in the belly and 2 small cracks in the sides. The back is in perfect condition.