School of William Forster, London, ca. 1790

Restored as an English classical cello by Ian Watchorn, 2003

2 piece back of figured maple with matching sides, this instrument retains its original and unaltered neck and head of plain maple.  Single piece belly of fine to medium grain pine. Fingerboard and tailpiece of ebony, nut and saddle of mammoth ivory. English style boxwood pegs and end button.

The cello is unlabelled but most characteristioc of the Amati-model instruments of "old" Forster. It is fully restored to original specifications and is in excellent playing condition.

The tone is fine and powerful, with a large dynamic range.

The belly has an old and very well executed soundpost repair and the cello has been very well revarnished in early 19th century. The restoration is fully documented and a copy is available with the instrument.

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