In the Style of Jacobs


A later Label reads: C. F. LandolphiÉ MediolaniÉ. 1785


A large violin (LOB = 359mm) with a lovely 2 piece, maple back of strong figure, slightly descending to the centre join. The sides of similar figure.

The sides are set into a channel which defines the rib outline, cut into the back. The sides overlap evenly at the points. The photos below, taken during restoration, clearly show the channel and the overlap of the sides at the corner blocks. This is typical of Low Countries construction. The 2 piece belly is of strong grained, medium pine.

The model follows the large Amati pattern, with long broad corners and a high strong arching. The original scroll of pearwood is spliced to a later neck.

The violin is set up as a late baroque/classical instrument with ebony fittings and fruitwood pegs.

All restoration work was carried out by Ian Watchorn.

This violin, due to its slightly larger size and air-volume, is tonally very strong and even throughout the range, with very good projection.

In very good playing condition, and sold with a full restoration report.


Price: $AUD 12,000.00


http://www.ianwatchorn.com.au/images/054A.jpg    http://www.ianwatchorn.com.au/images/055A.jpg     http://www.ianwatchorn.com.au/images/056A.jpg

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Details of the original pearwood scroll - the neck is later, probably early 19th century.


http://www.ianwatchorn.com.au/images/068A.jpg http://www.ianwatchorn.com.au/images/060A.jpg http://www.ianwatchorn.com.au/images/059A.jpg



Detail of neck attachment.





Purfling detail - back, bass side.




Photo during restoration showing the long, overlapping sides at the corners and the channel in the back plate.




Sides during restoration showing the overlap at the blocks and liners. This overlap sits in the channel cut into the back.





Restoration detail of the present neck block, showing 2 previous fixings of the neck.