This instrument is the result of my latest research into the Angeliques of Joachim Tielke and their connection with the development of the “German Theorbo” or “Weiss – Lute” of the period 1725 – 50.

The original body of this instrument is a copy I completed after restoring and documenting both the original Tielke of 1695 (MI 394) and another Tielke 11 course lute of 1706, at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg in 1985. The copy includes all the decorative elements of the 1696 Tielke in pre-CITES ivory and tortoiseshell. A CITES certificate for these materials is provided with the instrument.

The lute was later modified, firstly as a 13 course baroque lute and now as an Angelique. The angelique configuration is closely based on the 4 surviving Tielke Angeliques, especially the 1698 instrument in private hands in London.

The instrument is fully strung in gut, with a 13 course, single strung configuration in d-minor. It has 2 extra pegs to permit the tuning as either a diatonic angelique, or an angelique in d-minor: AA - BB - C – D – E – F – G – A – B – c – d – f – a– d’ – f’. The image of Falkenhagen below shows him playing a Tielke-style angelique with 13 single strings and this is the basis for the present reconstruction.

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The tonal result of the single strung d-minor lute combined with the greater facility in the right hand, due to the closer spacing, has proven very
attractive for the performance of the German masters, Weiss, Bach, Falkenhagen, Hagen, Kellner, etc.

This instrument is currently for sale. Price: $AUD 15,000.00


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