5 Course Guitar after Choc, 1610

Made in the style of the German makers who worked in Italy during the 30 years war, this 5 course guitar is typical of the earlier baroque instruments. The back and sides are cocobolo and Brasilian rosewood, with holly strips, lined internally with linen cloth.

The belly is of aged European spruce, the rose of hand-stamped parchment, made and assembled in my workshop. The decorative edge is of mother of pearl bedded in ebony mastic.

The neck and block are a single piece, the belly reinforced with tentellone blocks and simply braced with bars above and below the rose and an angled cut-off bar above the bridge.

This instrument is fitted with “Peghed” planetary action pegs. Other models of baroque guitar are available depending on your musical needs.

Here are some images that show the construction process:





Copy of P1010276.JPGCopy of P1010283.JPG




P1010016.JPG P1010027A.jpg

P1010030.JPG P1010037.JPG









P1010413.JPG     P1010424.JPG     P1010429.JPG


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